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We'll work together successfully in 2024 to:
Identify, research & build trust with your Ideal Customer Profile
Set up an automated marketing funnel on your social media
Create standout offers and push them to your ideal customers
Track your account analytics to post better content
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Recent Sales Machine Success:
£22k Sales Pipeline Generated In 1 Week
Fully Qualified UK Based Companies

Your social media strategy will use the following platforms:

How to build your social sales machine in 3 winning steps (the secret!):

1. Build Trust

Educating your potential customers on social media is crucial to engagement and keeping people coming back for more. We'll create educational and value-add posts based around your niche to build trust.

2. Create A Mind-Blowing Offer

You need a truly killer offer that resonates with your ideal customer profile and can't be ignored. We'll figure this out for you, create all the sales copy, graphics and adverts.

3. Push The Offer & Grow

At the right time, we'll push your offer to your ideal customer profile we established at the beginning of the process using targeted hashtags & keywords.

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Tell us about your ideal customer
What do they like, dislike, what motivates them, where are they based, how big is their company, etc. We'll use this to formulate your ideal customer profile and research your audience to put our profile report together for you (Week 1).
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Connect your social profiles
Connect your social media accounts securely  to our dashboard without sharing your password. The dashboard lets you review, give feedback and approve your new social sales machine all in one place.


We'll create your mind-blowing offer and push it to your audience!
Your offer is what will drive your sales engine. We'll use our expertise to create this, create the ad copy and graphics, then create lead campaigns using Facebook and Instagram as part of the overall machine. Then we launch and watch the hot prospects roll in!

Who is SocialScouts for?

We work with great businesses in the following industries:
Small Businesses
Tech & App Startups
Crypto Projects
Investors & VCs
Recruitment Companies
Restaurants & Bars
Retailers & Ecommerce
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We only take 3 clients per month
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🔥 3 month campaign duration
If you don't like your first week of content, we'll refund you!

The Ultimate Package

Everything you need for a social selling machine
We'll Identify & Research Your Ideal Customer Profile
Set up an automated content marketing funnel on your social media
Create offers that cannot be ignored and push them to your ideal customers using advertising
Capture lead data from your ideal prospects for you to call

Why do we exist?

Social media marketing for small businesses shouldn't be expensive, time consuming and confusing. Plus, it should result in sales, not just content being churned out willy nilly.

Agencies lock you in to 12 month contracts and you rarely get the service you deserve and you'd be lucky to see an increase in your sales numbers.

With SocialScouts, you get an expert account manager who creates a strategy, researches your ideal customer, builds amazing offers that resonate with your audience and executes that strategy over a 3 month period.


Founder @ SocialScouts
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Reece and team over at SocialScouts deliver great content to our platforms everyday. We couldn't be more happy with the service! Thank you all. Odiin Tech

Glen Graves
Co-Founder, Odiin

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